S M I L E. ✌

15 seconds just isn’t enough for this. #solidrockyouth #Jesus #Cross #Savior @arnold_107

This post is horrible timing but… MY FAVORITE CHRISTMAS SONG FINALLY🎤🎄❄️😍 #lastchristmas #wham #cover #singing #musicalfriendsarelife

My new sounds:

Wishful thinking.

I wish my older self could write letters to the present me… just so I could know it’s all going to be okay someday. Like just to have that reassurance that I am going to eventually figure out my career & I’m going to love it. Or that I will eventually get over that guy I like so much & just in time before I meet the guy that really matters. I just want to see in writing from myself that life is going really good for me and that I can stop stressing out so much because in the future it all turns out good.🌚

Of course though

Of course though